Helsinki Dance Festival features three exciting competitions: Ballet Prix, Contemporary Prix, and Estradance. Each competition has its own unique style and focus, providing a diverse range of opportunities for dancers to showcase their skills and creativity. 

Ballet Prix is a competition that celebrates the beauty and grace of classical ballet. Our panel of esteemed judges includes some of the top ballet professionals in the world, ensuring that the competition is of the highest caliber. 

Contemporary Prix is a competition that focuses on the exciting and innovative world of contemporary dance.  Dancers will have the opportunity to showcase their unique style and choreography, while competing for top prizes and recognition from industry professionals. 

Estradance is a competition that combines dance, teamwork and improvisation, creating a unique and dynamic experience for audiences and performers alike.  Estradance provides a platform for dancers to showcase their skills and creativity in a new and exciting way.

Whether you're looking to compete, or simply want to witness amazing dancers on stage, Helsinki Dance Festival is the place to be.

Join us for a week of electrifying performances, world-class workshops, and unforgettable moments as we celebrate the art of dance in all its forms!