Live Stage

Does it bother you that you have to think about how to showcase your dance artistry within the 4-minute time limit of dance competitions and spring performances at dance schools? Us too!

The Live Stage was born out of a desire to offer and facilitate a new and professionally operated platform for dance enthusiasts.

The Live Stage aims to provide young people with diverse opportunities for artistic expression. You can apply with any concept or performance format, from traditional black box pieces to site-specific works or even video pieces (Video Stage). The piece can be created by the dancers themselves or choreographed by a professional. Or anything in between!

Are you excited to share your dance piece with the world at our upcoming dance festival? We're thrilled to see what you have in store for us! 

  • The maximum length of the piece is 30 minutes
  • There are no restrictions on dance styles, but please note that the festival is primarily an art dance festival
  • Submit your application video by a Youtube-link via the application form
  • If you are selected, confirm your spot by paying the 39 euro participation fee per dancer before the deadline (to be announced)
  • The choreography featured in the video doesn't have to be the final version, and it can be modified before the event
  • The selection will be made impartially by the artistic team of Stage 

Apply for Stage!

Chosen choreographies must confirm their participation by submitting the 39 euro fee per dancer before the deadline (excluding Pro Stage participants). Please note that participation fees are non-refundable. Helsinki Dance Festival reserves the right to capture photos and videos during the event for marketing purposes.

Questions? Please be in touch at