Kuopio Prix results

Golden envelope, full scholarship to compete in the 2024 semifinals:

  • Paquita Etoile, Ballet Prix novice solo, Senni S.
  • Meren rannalla, Neoclassical Prix novice solo, Wilda P. 
  • The Next Chapter, Contemporary Prix junior duo, Nora H. ja Alina B. 
  • The Call, Contemporary Prix junior group
  • Salainen puutarha - Can you find the key to happiness?, Contemporary Prix junior group

Silver envelope, partial scholarship to compete in the 2024 semifinals:

  • Cupidon variaatio baletista Don Quijote, Ballet Prix junior solo, Eerika K. 
  • Swanhilda Variation, Ballet Prix junior solo, Vilja N. 
  • Nergit - Pahan linnut, Ballet Prix novice group
  • Ensilumi, Neoclassical Prix novice group
  • Nocturnal, Contemporary Prix junior solo, Katariina L.

Video audition phase 15.4.-15.5.! Results will be published by 15.6.2024.